Safeguarding Policy

Safeguarding in Killearn Kirk

What is Safeguarding and the SG Co-ordinator’s Role?

The safeguarding process within the church of Scotland is there primarily to protect children and vulnerable adults from any potential risk from harm. It is a permanent and necessary part of church life and one which hopefully operates efficiently, and generally within the background of church life.

To this end, Killearn Kirk’s  Safeguarding Co-ordinator’s responsibilities include:

  • being the first point of contact for anyone who suspects or witnesses harm or abuse ;
  • advising and promoting safe working practices within the church;
  • enabling safe recruitment of staff (voluntary or paid);
  • assisting staff within Killearn Kirk with Disclosure Scotland’s PVG (Protection for Vulnerable Groups) scheme;
  • promoting relevant training opportunities for Killearn Kirk staff.

The Safeguarding Co-ordinator is supported within the congregation by a Safeguarding Panel and within the Church of Scotland by the Safeguarding Service

The Church’s key safeguarding message:

If you suspect or witness harm or abuse, or it is reported to you, you must immediately report it to your Safeguarding Co-ordinator

The Safeguarding Co-ordinator for Killearn Kirk is:

Safeguarding Coordinator


 Documents on Safeguarding for Killearn Kirk and the Church of Scotland.

Safeguarding Young People and Adults

Killearn Kirk Children, Youth & Vulnerable Adult Policy

Church of Scotland Policy on the Protection of Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adults.